Send us proof of what you do (your TEFL certificate or academy job contract) and we’ll give you three months of Keep it English membershipfree.  Contact us here. 


Why join Keep it English?

1# Learn how to teach the toughest grammar of the English language.

Keep it English offers hours of instructional videos on the most difficult aspects on the the English language. After each video you’ll understand the grammar structure of each language point, complete with the answers to common questions and examples.

2# Never run out of lesson ideas when teaching higher-level students.

Higher level students are difficult to teach. They’ve done most aspects of grammar. Give them great classes they’ll remember by teaching the finer details of the English language. These include: the conditional tense, conditional helper phrases, the uses of ‘get’, preposition placement rules and business vocabulary.

3# Do you teach Spanish, French, German or Italian-speaking students? Then enrich your classes with our translation lists.

We have translation lists for almost every lesson. Help your students discover what a grammar or vocabulary point is in their language by handing out the translation in class. Or better yet, make it an activity. You read the sentence in their language and they have to guess what it is in English.

4# Introduce one student to Keep it English and get one month extra free. Introduce five students and get a whole year free!

Ask your students to put your name in the ‘Recommended by someone?’ box when they sign up and gain one month extra free. When five students sign up, you’ll gain a year’s subscription free.


Keep it English is brought to you by the same team behind The Ultimate Teaching ESL series: a complete English teaching system designed so that any native speaker (with TEFL experience or not) can pick up the book and start teaching.

The ultimate ESL teaching Manual

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