Andromeda Jones English teacher

Hello, my name is Andromeda. I am an English teacher and writer from London, UK.  I am passionate about helping people to learn English to a proficient level.

I started Keep it English for people who want to learn to speak like a native. For this reason Keep it English focuses on the advanced level grammar and tougher vocabulary such as phrasal verbs and idioms.

So, if you’ve already reached a good level of English and now want to progress on to the next stage, then take a look at our lessons. You won’t be disappointed.

When I’m not teaching English and making videos I also write. I have written three language books for teaching English as a second language. These are: ‘The Ultimate Teaching ESL Manual’, ‘The Ultimate Teaching ESL Book of Speaking Activities’ and ‘The Ultimate Teaching ESL Online Manual’. I have also written ‘Spanish for Geniuses;’ a comprehensive guide to Spanish.

Thanks for taking the time to visit me today. If you have any questions, contact me. Happy learning!