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Learn high-level vocabulary and grammar to speak English naturally and with confidence

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Practice what you’ve learnt and deepen your understanding with interactive quizzes and translation lists

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Gain knowledge of the language and English-speaking culture through podcasts and comprehension exercises

What is Keep It English?


Improve your English with hours of video lessons on intermediate to advanced English grammar and vocabulary


Improve your listening comprehension with podcasts in English about work, business, eduaction, lifestyle and more.


Test your knowledge on English grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension with our quizzes. Keep track of your scores on your personal results page.


Discover grammar constructions in your language with translations in Spanish, German, French, Portugese and Italian with every lesson.

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Anyone who is interested in English who is:


You know the present, future and most forms of past tense and can 'get by' in basic conversation.


You know all forms of past and the conditional tenses but may find it difficult when speaking.


You speak confidently in all the tenses but you lack some vocabulary and phrases.


You speak fluently and rarely make a mistake but you are always looking for ways to maintain your level of English.

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